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Graffiti School: A Student Guide with Teacher's Manual

Graffiti School: A Student Guide with Teacher's Manual

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"Graffiti School is the world’s first fully illustrated graffiti coursebook for college use. It opens with an exploration of graffiti’s background and history, from Pompeii to the Hip Hop revolution to the present day, as well as how to stay on the right side of the law. It then introduces modern-day graffiti media and terminology, going on to conduct the reader through the process of designing graffiti, setting out the possibilities and skills needed to create a successful work on paper, ready to be transferred to a wall. The author explains the practical techniques of using a spray can, and the step-by-step methods and skills required to create artistic graffiti. The final section is a manual designed specifically to be of use to teachers. It gives ideas for running both theoretical and practical graffiti lessons and units, as well as providing suggestions on the details, such as marking schemes and ideas for class trips."

176 sider
Format 213 x 299 mm
ISBN 9780500290972

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