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Graffiti for Beginners: An Easy Introduction to Drawing Graffiti Letters

Graffiti for Beginners: An Easy Introduction to Drawing Graffiti Letters

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"Graffiti for Beginners is an easy to follow introduction that presents you with the basics behind graffiti lettering. The two funky yet classic graffiti alphabets created by experienced graffiti artist Mega gives you the opportunity to learn a basic graffiti style, as well as a more advanced wild style. Each of the alphabet's 26 letters has its own spread where the building blocks of the letter are carefully displayed next to the specified space for you to practice, along with illustrations of how the letters can be used in different words and names. In addition to the letters, you will find examples of characteristic elements used in graffiti such as 3D or shades to add depth to the letters, or arrows, stars, bubbles, highlights and shines to make the piece stand out. Graffiti for Beginners is the fundamental guide for you to learn how to master the alphabet with style and finesse, letter by letter, until you are able to put together complicated words and messages, adding the coloring of your own choice. Learning graffiti has never been easier or more fun Graffiti for Beginners suits all ages and is a great tool for advertisers, home stylers, school teachers, kids and creative adults alike."

56 sider
Format 203 x 254 mm
ISBN 9789188369505

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