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GOAL - All In One - White edition print

GOAL - All In One - White edition print

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GOAL - All In One bok med trykket Goal Throw Up - White Edition

Trykket er nummerert og signert i 30 eksemplarer. Silketrykk på 330 gsm hvitt papir.

Includes the print Goal Throw Up - White Edition

Limited to 30 prints, signed and numbered. Silk printed on 330 gsm white paper.

GOAL - All In One

Text by Tobias Barenthin Lindblad.

Goal is Norway’s most internationally recognized graffiti artist.
Since he began painting his technically detailed and colorful letters, he has traveled around the world building networks of like-minded people and painted with respected and famous artistson several continents. Goal has since 1984 been an important player in the development of the Norwegian hip hop culture.

Goal’s works have been exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and at theMuseum of Contemporary Art in Oslo. Goal, which has painted in cities all over the world, hasbeen widely featured in magazines and catalogs, such as in the Melbourne International BiennialCatalog, FatCap Magazine and Graphotism in London.


320 sider

Format 300 x 230 mm

ISBN 9788293053460

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